A honey bee makes a great theme to decorate any garden wall. Individually hand made using a filet crochet technique, in weatherproof braided nylon,  this design is 6ft x 6ft square.

I wonder about  creating  a frog design too…..

The harbour seal. One of my commissions and my own pattern design.
Dolphin. Created to display at the local Fisherfolk Festival.
Dragonfly. Worked with 3 colours of braided nylon, temporarily mounted on my fruit cage.
Butterfly. Venturing into 3 Dimensional knitting and crochet combined, a sculpture in 3 colours.
Sunflower – circular gate decoration to welcome guests and bring a smile to passing walkers.
Remembrance Day poppy – commisioned by and donated to the local British Legion fundraising auction
Christmas Gate decoration worked in lace knitting.